Shadows of Evil

The First Raid
Training Day
Welcome, to the world of Ivalice

Over 100 years ago, the Emperor of the Holy Empire of Ivalice died on the throne without a successor. During a time of wide-spread mourning, the kings of both Midgaard and Lothric claimed rights to the throne. Unable to resolve this dispute, the knights of Midgaard and the knights of Lothric began what would come to be known as the Hundred Years War.

The war has ravaged much of the countryside, with only the capitals of Eagrose in Midgaard and Limberry in Lothric remaining largely unharmed. Thousands of towns and villages have been obliterated in the near century of warfare. Millions of lives have been ended or displaced.

Only the royalty seem unfazed by a century of warfare. Their lavish lifestyle and castles mostly unmolested by the ravages of war.

This is the world our story begins in.

We start our story following a mercenary company called ‘The Corpse Brigade’ who enlisted bandits, thieves, orphans and countless others to wage war for coin. They were the closest many of them had to family (especially the orphans), but by no means did the usual bonds of family matter. Life was hard and brutal and many were as likely to die at Gaffgarion’s (their leader) sword as they were to die in combat.

We start out on training day, for a group of young recruits who had been raised in the Brigade from infants. Jim, the ranger, Alain, the swordsman, _______, the berserker, and _____ the strategist. Each had been trained from the day they could walk in the ways of war by the brutal Gaffgarion and today, as they sit down for an afternoon meal, is their training day.


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